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Learn How to Cure Psoriasis Easily and Naturally

The challenge of day to day living is not always a breeze for ordinary men and women more so for patients with a akin condition. Probably most people without a medical background would ask, what it is or have little information? It is a chronic disease the affects the skin brought by an immune system malfunction. The normal processes of skin regeneration, shedding of old skin to be replaced by new ones, not dissimilar to the dandruff process  , takes approximately a month. For people with psoriasis autoimmune disorder, skin replacement is accelerated in a matter of days which causes the superficial skin to pile up in the surface contributing to the dry scaly appearance prominent with the autoimmune disease.

discover what is psoriasis and learn how to beat it

To understand why skin replacement happens so fast in people one must delve into the role of T cells in immune function. A T cell is a component of a white blood cell that acts as the protector of our body against infections. Activation of the T cell is part of the normal response of the immune system to infection and injury. This immune response triggers swelling followed by tissue regeneration. In conditions like this, the T cells are activated by mistake thus swelling, redness and excessive production of skin cells is produced.

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Many would be surprised to know that this autoimmune disease is common and some may even wonder.? The chronic disease is common to approximately 2 to 3 percent of the world’s population and is considered as the most prevalent autoimmune disorder in the United States. It is more predominant among Caucasians compared to African Americans. It can affect a person at any age but is usually seen among adults 15 to 25 years old. Various researches shows a genetic link in the development of the disease showing that if one parent has the disease there is a 10 percent chance of autoimmune disorder in the offspring. If both parents suffer from the probability of the passing it on to their children increases by 50 percent.Although genetic composition plays a role in the development it is not certain that an individual who has a family member with the psoriasis will automatically inherit the disease. The disease can be triggered by factors such as smoking, UV rays exposure, stress and alcohol. Injury to the skin caused by infections can aggravate a flare up of psoriasis symptoms. These flare ups can last for weeks to months and will usually subside for period of time but will come back again once triggered.

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The characteristic symptoms are the silvery white scales that proliferate in the skin surrounding the elbows, knees, back, scalp, face and palms. There is redness in most of the affected areas where increased blood supply is needed to facilitate skin cell production. This disorder can range from mild to severe. Determining what is the severity differs for every individual. Severe forms may experience soreness, pain and itching. Scaly patches can be seen if different diameters and in some, it can appear with small blisters.

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This is not just a skin disorder as perceived by many. So, what is it in terms of prognosis and treatment? Though the initial symptoms are seen on the skin, it can also affect the joints as seen in many older patients with the disease. What is called in reference to the joints and how will it affect an individual who already suffers from having it on the skin. Around ten percent of individuals with this autoimmune disorder will develop psoriatic arthritis as they get older. It can develop into a systemic inflammatory condition which affects the not just the joints but other organs as well. This condition will cause patients to have restrictive joint movement which adds to the discomfort.

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how to cure psoriasis


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